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Is the takeaway incubator safe?

The take-out incubator is a heat-preserving box used in food delivery. It is a portable, heat-preserving, safe and durable incubator. According to the delivery staff, a car is required for delivery. Fast food incubators first originated in developed countries and have gradually gained popularity in China in recent years. They are widely used in the catering industry because of their safety, environmental protection, cold and heat preservation, and convenient portability.

At present, incubators of insulation cotton, EPP insulation materials, plastics, tarpaulins, etc. are available on the market. In particular, incubators made of EPP materials have the best insulation effect and are widely praised. Lanqiduo New Material has been committed to providing more diversified and higher-quality packaging solutions for the catering industry. It continues to iterate the EPP material molding process. A variety of EPP incubators can meet the distribution needs of different types of catering companies to maximize The temperature and taste of the dishes are guaranteed to improve the user’s dining experience.

The incubator has the characteristics of heat resistance and cold resistance, strong durability and environmental protection. A good take-out food incubator requires heat and cold resistance at the same time, so that it will not freeze and crack due to low temperatures in cold winter, and will not be deformed or damaged when disinfected with boiling water. Lanqiduo New Material uses EPP material to produce the insulation box. Because EPP material has good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, friction and no dust, the formed insulation box is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and oil-resistant. Dirty, convenient for efficient and thorough cleaning of the inside of the box after use, to avoid the residue of foreign matter and odor after repeated use, so as to ensure that the box is clean and hygienic.

Durability is very important for the take-out industry, because take-out food incubators are basically used in the delivery process every day, and bumps are unavoidable during delivery. This requires fast food incubators to have superior impact resistance and not easily break when pressed or impacted. Lanqiduo new material adopts EPP material to produce incubator. Because EPP material has the characteristics of light weight, high hardness and impact resistance, the formed incubator has excellent shock resistance and energy absorption performance, high recovery rate after deformation, and can be effective Reduce the damage caused during the distribution process and increase the turnover rate of the boxes, thereby saving costs and improving benefits.

On the one hand, environmental protection is for the food safety of consumers, and the materials must not contain toxic substances. On the other hand, it is also for the convenience of recycling. Many take-out incubators need to be replaced regularly. Environmental protection is also the current national development strategy.

Post time: Dec-31-2020
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