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Understand the food and beverage takeaway incubator

As the pace of urban life accelerates, more and more young people have no spare time to enjoy a nice lunch in a restaurant, replaced by convenient and quick takeaway food. Even in the cold winter, users can still get warm meals, which is inseparable from the takeaway food incubator. What is the takeaway food incubator? What are the characteristics?

What is a takeaway food incubator?

Take-out incubators are heat-insulating bags used in food delivery. They are usually light and easy to carry, good in heat preservation, durable, safe, and easy to fix on electric vehicles for delivery. In recent years, it has gradually become popular in the country. It has been widely used in the catering industry because of its safety and environmental protection, cold and heat preservation, and convenient carrying.

(2) What are the types of take-out food incubators?

At present, there are insulation boxes of insulation cotton, EPP insulation materials, plastics, tarpaulins, etc., especially incubators made of EPP materials have the best insulation effect and are widely praised. Fushun New Materials has been committed to providing more diversified and higher-quality packaging solutions for the catering industry, constantly repeating the EPP material molding process, and a variety of EPP incubators, which can meet the distribution needs of different types of catering companies to maximize protection The temperature and taste of the dishes improve the user’s dining experience.

(3) What are the characteristics of takeaway food incubators?

1. It can withstand cold and can withstand cold: a good take-out food incubator requires heat and cold resistance at the same time, so that it will not freeze and crack due to too low high temperature in cold winter, and it will not be rich when disinfected with boiling water. The new material adopts the insulation box produced by EPP material. Because EPP material has good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, friction and no dust, the formed insulation box is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, oil-resistant and stain-resistant. , It is convenient for efficient and thorough cleaning of the inside of the box after use, avoiding foreign objects and odor residues after repeated use, so as to ensure that the box is clean and hygienic.

2. Durable and durable: Take-out food incubators are basically used in the delivery process every day, and bumps will inevitably occur during delivery. This is the requirement for fast food incubators to have superior impact resistance and not easily break under heavy pressure or impact. Fushun New Material uses EPP

Material production incubator, because EPP material has the characteristics of light weight, high hardness, impact resistance, etc., the incubator formed has ten

Excellent seismic energy absorption performance, high recovery rate after deformation, can effectively reduce the damage caused during the distribution process, improve the turnover rate of the box, thereby saving costs and improving benefits.

3. Environmental protection: Take-out food incubator materials must be non-toxic and harmless. Since take-out food is generally at a high temperature, if the material produces harmful substances when exposed to heat, or if it is used continuously and produces harmful substances after frequent sunlight, it will seriously affect the food Safety. EPP material is the abbreviation of foamed polypropylene. It is a new type of non-toxic and naturally degradable composite material. It will not release toxicity when it comes into close contact with high-temperature food. Therefore, the formed incubator is very environmentally friendly and can effectively ensure food safety. .

Post time: Jan-18-2021
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